I’m Zach, a San Francisco Portland-based designer who loves bringing designs to life which provide users with an engaging and memorable experience. I enjoy searching for and identifying new challenges within a user's needs, and aligning them with business goals to create an experience that brings simplicity and happiness. My work ranges from defining optimal user flows and UI patterns, (paired with the exploration and creation of new features and functionality), to identifying trends within user data and meeting with users to understand their current requirements and necessities. Every step of the design process provides me with a lot of excitement, inspiration, and the opportunity to learn something new.

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I currently reside in the heart of Silicon Valley (Redwood City) just outside of Portland with my family, where I enjoy the spacious and green landscapes of suburbia. Outside of design, I’m incredibly passionate about my coffee so I’m constantly looking for any reason to try a new cafe, roast, brew method or anything related to the above! Design + coffee is the the best combo ever and I’ve had some of the most productive design related discussions over a perfect cup of coffee. If you’re ever interested in chatting, just let me know when and where!