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Hey there. I'm Zach Perkins, a Portland-based coffee professional that moonlights as a freelance principal designer and strategist. Throughout the last 20+ years, I've had the opportunity to work with and lead design teams at TaskRabbit, Momentum Design Lab, Salesforce, and many other amazing companies.


(in no particular order)

Leading a team, the process, and the design to create, elevate, and turn ideas into a reality has always been an area that I’ve been attracted to. I love leading the efforts with any size design project or team.

It's always exciting and continuously rewarding to lead, manage, and build creative and productive design teams that contribute to the success in creating user-focused and memorable experiences.


To gain a better understanding of any design project, it requires various degrees of exploration and research. I enjoy using the information gathered to define and/or revisit goals and requirements.


I’m incredibly passionate about strategizing and identifying the best user experience. I believe the micro-interactions that the user has within an interface helps drive growth and adoption.


I specialize in designing interfaces that scale multiple platforms and drive lasting impressions. Being detail oriented, and process friendly, ensures the best quality product for any experience.

My love for coffee is comparable to the love I have for my family. It's huge. I take my coffee experience to the next level, and can easily identify with the local rockstar barista (excluding Starbucks & Peets).

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Helping you live smarter.

We designed the experiences to allow you to easily get things done and/or allow you to quickly find work specific to your skills by connecting you with others in your neighborhood.

The one shop for all your design and development needs.

From the Fortune 50 to the seed funded startup, we designed and built innovative, enterprise and consumer-grade software products that connect companies to their users.

Customer success through one platform.

Worked with a team to design and construct an experience that people rely on everyday to get their work done. Primarily focused on the collaboration and sales productivity tools.

"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality."
Charles Eames